Heal The World

I had so many thinking with all of what happened in this world. It's feels so sick to see so many damage happened in this world. Flood, erosion, forest fires, polution, all of the damage it's cause human forgotten what the important thing of this nature. Human greed makes human doesn't care what the effect of makes the building with cut down the trees offhandeed. Not just that, peoples also doesn't care with nature and making troubles just because they want to get some money in the place that could inviting tourism. And then the tourist also doesn't care with the place and throw away rubbish and makes the damage with the nature.

Nowadays so many troubles with Indonesian nature. So many forest had been cut down to makes the factories. all of the developers doesn't care if what they have done would makes eruption, polution, etc. They only know about money. Doesn't care with the damage of animals ecosystem. Doesn't care with animals that would be extinct just in second. Doesn't care with the effect that would makes erosion and kill many peoples.

This happen to our tourism also, so many beautiful place that open and made to be a tourism place. Like so many Beach and Island. If I could say I was so angry, yes, I am angry. because the developers and tourist never thinking how to keep the place still
clean so the landscape still preserve. It's happened in so many beach and so many Island.

Sigandu Beach
When I was young there's the beach that so beautiful. If we sleep at the shore,s we could see the sky dome. I could feel the peace in my heart, and that was my first love to the beach. I loved to run out through the coast with my brother and cousins. There's a cave in the corner of the sea that we believe liveable by a giant snake.  And many years ago, I'm back to that place, and feel so disappointed with what happen to my shore. That beach was open as tourism place named Sigandu Beach. And more frustated when see so many rubbish, many stand was build with disorganized. So many couples comes to the beach and making love at there. It's hurt me. Because that shores couldn't call my private shore anymore. 

I know It's happened not only at Sigandu, I know there's so many many place was get damaged. If we just still quite this earth will wrecked with second. Please, save this earth. Let's planting, let's recycle, reuse and reduce the rubbish. So we could keep the world clean. Let's take care of the place that we visiting. Heal the World!!!

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